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The Double Horse 9104 Review - Why You Shouldn't Buy a Double Horse 9104

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The big rage on EBay at the moment is the Double Horse 9104 RC helicopter. It's huge - it's 2 feet long. It looks good and it's cheap but it's crap! The Double Horse brand (also branded as Shuang Ma and sometimes Syma) is cheap, mass produced, toy quality, RC helicopter. They often fail, they don't have the electronics or servos to fly well, they're slow, not powerful enough and because it's so big, costs quite a bit to be shipped to your door.

You can still have quite a lot of fun with a Double Horse 9104 (if it works). It's big,, loud, crash resistant and challenges the crap out of you to fly it. BUT by the time you pay $80-90 dollars for the helicopter, $20 for shipping, then upgrade the battery pack (they often loose charge after 10-20 uses), replace the boring 370 brushed main motor with a brush-less motor to give it the power it needs, replace the tail motor because it burnt out, replace the swash plate because it's too small, add weights to the front to make it fly forward, tweak the servos (time and bits) to make it fly better, replace all the stuff that broke off because it's such a pig to fly, you could be up for $230-250!

For that kind of money you could buy a really decent, ready to fly (RTF) Nine Eagles 228 SoloPro or a Walkera CB180D or a Walkera CB180Q Airwolf. They both 4 channel, fixed pitch, RC helicopters with a flybar and built in gyro. They're easier to fly, faster and MUCH BETTER better build quality. And you'll still have $70-50 left over to buy a trainer kit, some spare rotors and an extra battery.

The Double Horse is more like a 2 trick pony. It's not RTF (ready to fly). It's not 710mm long like they say - it's only 550mm long. Most of the YouTube videos are about DH 9104 modifications to make it fly better, and not forgettting it's so big it can't be flown indoors and yet it won't fly well outdoors either, unless there is very little wind and it has an extremely short range - so you won't even get to fly it much.

Some Real Videos of People
Trying to Fly the Double Horse 9104

Some Modifications and Problems
for the Double Horse 9104


  1. Hi Matthew,
    I'm the owner of a 9104 and I just wanted to make some clarifications before people start to believe that it's really a bad helicopter. First of all: The price. Since you're only spending 60 euros(or 80 dollars) or so, don't expect to recieve a 300 dollar helicopter. This craft is mainly bought as a trainer and not for aerobatics, so speed isn't a bump. As second: Modifications. As an intermediate flyer I'm getting into modifications and stuff. One thing I can tell you, they aren't expensive. There's a whole bunch of things you can adjust without spending a buck. Adjusting the trims, screwing the servo arm clockwise, putting modeling clay in the nose,...And if that's not enough you can upgrade the 1300Mah battery to an 1500Mah 25C version, which will eventually cost you for about 20 dollars. I haven't experienced any problems with helicopter but I feel sorry to those who have. But I stick to my opinion that the 1904 helicopter is a great trainer AND base model for modding. I hope I wasn't to provocative and I also hope that who reads this has changed his mind and is less sceptic about the 9104.

  2. I have the 9104 and I put a adjusting tie rod on the swash plate to counter the left drift. I did not need to put clay in the nose to the heli, just adjust it a bit. I has a lot of forward and reverse movement if it is adjusted correctly. It does not handle well in the wind. You just have to be a better pilot. Practice when it is calm first, then try some breezy days. Practice in a wide open area to avoid the wind blowing you into something. Make sure you power down before you crash or you will burn out the main or tail motor. I have crashed this heli many times without and harm. All and all I think it is a great little copter to learn with. Plus not every one can afford the 160 dollar one. So far all I have broke is the tail motor because I did not power down before i crashed. I got mine for 60 dollars delivered here in the US. and have only spent 5 dollars on the tail motor. I have ordered a 10 dollar battery that has a lot more run time. So far I have spent 75 dollars and have had lot of fun. I can not guarantee this for everyone but this is my story.

  3. I own a 9104. It's a cheap way to get into the helicopter hobby. It's fairly tough. I've crashed mine several times in the field next to my house and haven't had severe damage yet. And if you do break it, spare parts are cheap and are all over eBay.

    I've finally become comfortable flying and controlling the 9104 after going through my learning curve. I'm new at this and flying a helicopter for the first time was a challenge. If you're new, you're likely to crash. I actually started on an even smaller counter-rotating blade helicopter that truly is easy and cheap to learn the concepts with. Then I moved to the 9104.

    Now I'm ready for the next step and a more expensive and more advanced helicopter.... a 'flybarless'. It's ordered.

  4. i have also bought this for fun as ive heard so much different stuff on this model,i also have many helis align bla bla so im not really new to this my experience is its junk from the get go,,the mods ive had to make this crap fly i wouldnt tell you,,its not even a good beginner heli as it does nothing right but discourage a new pilot,people listen to me get a better model theres plenty out there for under 100.00 that you can control and dont need to make to many mods on but this isnt it,the tail boom is to soft the motor esp tail motor is junk the battery is junk honestly it really is a piece of #### i can think of a lot more but i think the point is taken,we want new pilots to enjoy this great hobby not end it before its begun because you bought a piece of junk,,,but having said all of this we do enjoy crashing this in mid air crashes or putting incindiary devises and flying at night,,thanx

  5. I Have four Double Horses. 2 9100, and 2 9104. They are all sitting on the shelf with the same problems. Tail Motor burn out. Now I have replaced them all and the new problem is no power to the motor. I have power to the lights but not to the motor. Can't get help from any Hobby Center since they don't carry that brand. Need some advice. I am going to take them all apart and put them back together with new circuit boards. Doc 1

    1. my friend,do yourself a favor, dont chase bad money with good,,take the loss,you need to box them all up and put them under your bed so you dont see them,,now you need to get serious and look at an align or guie spelling error,,,even a blade,,there are a few good ones just not sure which models they are but some people i know seem to have a bit of luck with the blades,but pls people dont do what most of us have done in the past and buy junk,,even the little 911 it a wl toys brand which is a collective pitch heli its really is a good little heli for the money..the little transmitter feels good,and the heli is really responsive and extreemly crash proof i still fly them in the house,as my trex 500,and my large quads are way to powerfull to fly even in the back yard but the 911 will even fly outside in a lite breeze i have three and let everybody that visits fly them they havnt cost my a dime yet they fly up down sideways love them,, wl toys have released a newer version still its under 50.00 thanx,

  6. I started with an MJX F-645, it was WAY to much helicopter for me. Then went to the Double Horse 9101, I had to do some adjusting and straighten out the balance bar a few times but it flies very nicely, and without adding anything to it. I then got the Double Horse 9104, you won't believe this BUT it is to fast for me, it moves around the area like a Humming Bird compared to the 9101, but both have been good for me to learn on. SHOP for the helicopters that look and sound good for you. I paid $75.00 for the 9101 when I got it, and just recently found a brand new one for just under $37.00, I think the 9104 was close to fifty or sixty dollars. Look around, do some studying, and comparing.


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